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Effective for the treatment of ...
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Rheumatism
  • Psoriasis
How does it work
The main application areas of Moxakur are diseases of chronic character, such as chronic diarrhea, or weakness states, but also exhaustion reactions and even depression. In Moxa treatment acupoints are heated by burning of dried leaves of Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort). Artesimia vulgaris is a medicinal plant that is native to both Asia and Europe. The leaves of the plant is dried, purified and processed into a cotton-like powder.
In direct Moxa treatment a small Moxa cone is lit directly on the skin. This method usually leaves no scars, but is very painful, so it is rarely used in Europe. In the indirect method, a ceramic tile is placed as an insulator between the skin and Moxa cones.

This method can be applied independently at home by the patient. In a further indirect Moxa treatment method in thin paper rolled Moxarod called Moxacigar are used. The smoldering Moxacigar is brought as close as possible to the selected acupoint; each point is strongly heated until the skin shows a marked redness. Another method is the heating of acupuncture needles by Moxa: At the free end of a specially shaped needle a piece Moxawool is lit. The heat is conducted from the needle deep into the tissue; however, a similar effect can also be achieved by the combination of acupuncture, and the heat of a red light emitter.

Ryuichi Yagi
Dipl. Akupunkteur SBO-TCM, EMR Japan, ASCA
St├╝ssistrasse 105, 8057 Zurich

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