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The symptoms of seasonal pollen allergies (hay fever) can be greatly alleviated by treatment with Japanese acupuncture and acupressure as an alternative treatment method.

Treatment with Japanese acupuncture (pain-free technology) and acupressure acts directly on the autonomic nervous system which controls the immune system. For mild allergies, the treatment acts 2 to 3 years, in severe allergies, the treatment is repeated for several years.

Sequence of treatments
The weekly treatment (1-2 sessions) begins about 4 weeks before the pollen season.

Ryuichi Yagi, Dipl. Acupuncturist SBO-TCM, EMR Japan, ASCA has 25 years experience in acupuncture and acupressure treatment.
Main pollen season in Switzerland
Spring Tree Pollen
January to February Hazel and Alder
March to April Birch and Ash

Early Summer

Grass and Cereal Pollen
May to July Various Grasses and Rye

Late Summer

Herb Pollen
End of July to September Mugwort, Ragweed

Ryuichi Yagi
Dipl. Akupunkteur SBO-TCM, EMR Japan, ASCA
St├╝ssistrasse 105, 8057 Zurich

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Recognized by health insurance
If you have an alternative or complementary medicine option, you can have the costs incurred by the acupuncture treatments refunded.